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Attention! [08 Jan 2020|12:00am]
I am currently in the process of organizing my icons, both in my personal files and in my photobucket account. Because of this, some of the images might become broken. THIS IS TEMPORARY!! I will have everything back in working order as quickly as possible.

If there is a set you need/would like to see ASAP, comment and I will get it up as soon as I see the comment.

rules. [07 Jan 2020|02:04am]
i While commenting isn't mandatory, it is much appreciate. Not only is it nice to know that others like what I make, but it also helps me know what is preferred and therefore what to make more of.

ii Please do not modify. The icons are not bases for text and should not be altered without permission from me, the maker. I'm not completely unreasonable and have allowed for edits in the past, so please don't be afraid to ask.

iii Credit, Credit, Credit! It's just simple common courtesy to credit someone else's work that you are using. True, I make icons for my own personal enjoyment, but it does take time and effort. Though I can't flay alive those who steal, you will be contacted if you are found to use my graphics without proper credit.

When using icons, place the credit in the keywords of the icons like below.

The journal is open for now, but I find that people are stealing my graphics with no credit, the journal will become friends only.

guide. [07 Jan 2020|02:03am]
katherine isabelle [jul 15]
emily perkins [jul 15]
hilary duff [aug 15]
Total Women 6838 icons
Total Men | 0 icons
Total Misc | 1513 icons

Total Sets | 63 sets
Current Top Subject | Sarah Michelle Gellar, 948 icons
Total Icons | 8351 icons

List of upcoming icons found here.
Text directory can be found here.


if you would like to become an affiliate, feel free to comment below.

upcoming tracker. [07 Jan 2020|02:02am]


resources & affiliates. [07 Jan 2020|02:02am]


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